Education Reform: We support initiatives to enhance access to and improve the quality of primary, secondary and higher education. In education reform, we work to assist capacity building, support decentralisation and monitor and evaluate large reform programmes.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training: We support the development of skills that are required for economic and social regeneration. Working with international partners, we identify the principles underlying effective systems and international best practices so we can help lay the foundations for learning environments appropriate to national circumstances.

Social Development: We encourage the development of skills and sharing of knowledge to help bring about equality and inclusion. We work with organisations promoting the right of potentially excluded groups to contribute the decisions affecting them, and to obtain access to services and employment. Our focus is on aspects of diversity such as gender, race, age and disability and the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Universal Basic Income Project.

Public Administration Reform: We support the strengthening of public administration and service delivery, based on the principles of good governance. With partners in national and local government, we work to develop open, efficient and effective systems. Our expertise range from streamlining government departments to developing team leadership skills.

Training Management: We manage scholarship programs, curriculums and training contracts. We support training needs analyses, the design of training solutions and training delivery with formal courses, in-service training, workshops, seminars and study visits.

Environmental Education: A must in the context of global warming, climate chaos and overall pollution (air, land or water). Such education is key to remediating the negative impacts these toxic industries have on the survival of our planet. Environmental Education has a wide field of different disciplines that must be understood in order to gain environmental awareness, for without such awareness, the only thing that will change is the word inhabitable.

Industrial Consulting: Vitally important as major toxic pollutants come from industries because of poor treatment or lack of investment in green technologies. Industrial consulting and Environmental Education go hand in hand. One teaches the reality on the ground, that is, the source of pollution, and the other how to  prevent pollution.

African Advisory on Secure Political and Economic Architecture: Investor Facilitation, Business Development, Investment Consultancy and Financial Sector
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