Salim Mirzada

Salim Mirzada LLB
Advisory Commission

Bio: I was born in Kabul/Afghanistan in 1974 and migrated to Germany in 1985, because of the war in Afghanistan.

I have studied Law at the Faculty of Law in Hanover. The emphasis of my studies was European Law and European Refugee and Asylum Law.

Currently I am exploring a possibility to work with an international organisation. I wish to work for an organisation dedicated to humanitarian crises, protection of refugees or human rights around the world. My main purpose is to enhance my knowledge and experience in Refugees and Human Rights affairs in accordance with the Geneva Convention and other relevant instruments.

I am prepared to accept responsibility and risk for any assignment/mission entrusted to me. My expectation, in my professional life, e.g. as a legal adviser, is to implement the Refugee law, International Human Rights Law or International Humanitarian Law to provide the most sufficient protection for people who are in need of such protection.
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