What is the 419 Scam?

Every year, tens of thousand of individuals and organisations worldwide fall victim by participating in the globally networked 419 Scam. Traditionally contacted via e-mail about business proposals, deceased estates, recruiting agencies, securing government contracts or winning lotteries, the participants of these scams lose their life savings or in the case of organisations, their credibility, after they are persuaded by proposals with very tempting outcomes. Statistics have shown that new scams are being developed on a daily basis creating new ways to entice and decieve new victims, however the biggest victim of these scams are developing countries.

Fraudsters are crippling the development process by utilising identity fraud to lure victims into their traps, identity fraud in the form of official documentation linking the scams to Ministers, Senior Civil Servants and Government Departments, thereby discrediting honest Governments and tainting their name to the international business community International organisations are reluctant to venture into developing countries due to the confusion and misrepresentation these scams have created, depriving developing countrie of much needed investment to fast track development programs.